Twisted Light.

Twisted Light

Em, the mysterious and mischievous art maven, is at the heart of this captivating tale.

In Twisted Light the action takes place over 24 hours, but the illusionary Em has mastered the skills of time travel, and leads us to several places at once, across different centuries. After all, such skills are highly beneficial to a dealer in the Arts who has the power to influence the life and work of Impressionist artists such as Monet …while dealing with hungry customers in the art world of the 21st century. 

Twisted Light is a poetic story about how ideas are planted, shaped and passed on to others. And just as some ideas travel faster than others … twisted light can travel faster than normal light, according to the physicists.

When you look at something in the light, what do you see? What is it that makes you see things the way you do? Is it all simply a play on perception and perspectives?

This novel twists and turns, challenging you to change your perceptions of the way ideas are conceived. Your value systems will be confronted as you journey through time and space, art and science, mind and matter. Seeds of ideas will linger to haunt you long after you’ve finished reading.

We follow Em’s magical trail from one focused point in Portugal, across continents and through centuries, desires and dreams, real and imagined characters. Along the way we are struck with some profound insights and ambiguities. If the history of an artwork is not as it seems, does this change its real value? Is art supplied ‘on demand’ any less good than other inspired fabulous art? And what about ‘lost masterpieces’? Take Monet’s missing letters, for example… How do these all fit in?

The answer comes in the context of a revelatory art show on an exclusive ship organised by Em’s company, Imaginary Places, precisely at the place where the story begins. The interaction between the employees, potential employees and the clients of Imaginary Places is a backdrop for your own journey into these realms.

Some say that light is packets of information … mEMes … See how the character EM twists light to his advantage.

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Twisted Light by Merlin Cullinan.