Something in the Air.

Something in the Air

How do you survive when you are considered to be an outsider? You can try and fight and conquer and change ways, or you can try and find ways to fit in without changing your own beliefs and values.

In a world where many people have no time for the promises of old established religions, politicians and other officials, they seek solace in other promises and hopes and faiths, delivered by people with unofficial but often revered status. Here is a family, and a whole place, that serves to provide those who are missing solutions or opportunities with exactly what they need. The services have worked for millennia, and will continue to survive around the whole world. 

In Something in the Air, here is where we witness the adventures of one extended family’s many providers of alternative hope in a credulous cruel world over two hundred and fifty years of magical and invented activity.

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Something in the Air by Merlin Cullinan.