Merlin Cullinan the author.

Merlin Cullinan

The world of Merlin Cullinan is one where we get to see and dream about alternative pasts, presents and futures, and we are invited to enter new places and spaces in each novel, emerging through yet another perspective.

In this form, Merlin Cullinan the author entered the world on a cold grey November day in the old-fashioned seaside town of Blackpool, in northern England. As home of the famous Tower and the Illuminations, it has been the favoured destination of thousands of entertainers and visitors through time. Growing up in this ever-changing cosmopolitan world, buzzing with constant change, magic and excitement, it sparked his innate curiosity about people, places and the ways of the world.

The age of 19 saw him swapping the bright lights and beaches for the warmth of the candlelight of Trinity College, at Cambridge University, and the different kinds of flames that fuelled a passionate and non-stop curiosity with the worlds of literature, music and philosophy. In his spare time there he wrote for review magazines and directed a number of productions – such as Harold Pinter's The Caretaker starring future Arts and Entertainment stars Jimmy Mulville and Roger Michel; David Storey's Home, and works from Strindberg to Late Night Smokers at the ADC Theatre and other venues in Cambridge and Europe at large.

On leaving university he continued south in search of yet more fresh perspectives and challenges. He excelled in senior roles in the advertising and media worlds, discussing copy points with copywriters like Salman Rushdie, and won awards and accolades for creative and analytical works. Along the way he enjoyed spells living and working in London, Paris, Amsterdam and Madrid, and working with a spread of clients all keen to take their products and services to established and developing markets. His work has led him from promoting everything from coffee to condoms, crackers to cars. Along the way he has had plenty of chances to observe the world and its amazing inhabitants, leading him to question the separate and interactive nature of existence, and having fun trying to find satisfactory responses to these observations all the way along the incredible journey.

Today, he continues to travel the world and soaks up all its experiences. As curious as ever about life and the people who enrich it, ideas spill out into stories that captivate, transport and entertain, and with perspectives that offer new ways of looking at the world, and reflecting on your own space within it. Merlin Cullinan the author uses books to capture visions and insights, to reflect on observations, and to share stories in intriguing and often disarming novels.

Each of his books has a distinct edge that challenges, confronts and wakes you up. The stories twist and turn, using the richness of the English language at its best to challenge you to change your perceptions. Seeds of ideas will linger to haunt and entertain you long after you've finished reading. Characters and events spill out lavishly onto page after page, with stories that captivate, transport and entertain.

Now he works further south still, on the sunny Pacific shores of eastern Australia. Merlin continues to observe, absorbs and integrate all he sees, collecting more fuel for the philosophies that drive and offer different ways of looking at the world.

His works can't really be classified as standard novels. They are stories in the best traditions of great literature, but whatever the subject, they have a distinct edge that challenges, confronts and wakes you up,, using the richness of the English language at its best to invite you to reconsider and change your perceptions. Merlin Cullinan writes about challenging subjects in challenging ways.

Merlin Cullinan Author.