I'll See You in The Next One.

I'll See You in The Next One . . .

Your world is largely your image of it. Your own creation. Sometimes you get invited into others' worlds, or orbit them. You start a journey in different territories of the imagination. What choices do you have, and who else makes decisions about directions?

Maya enters Bo's world through her boss, Tim, in her own disguise. Looking to find a better place, she digs deeper for escape routes. She gets into more and more trouble.

Can Quentin, the private detective, and his friends, provide the means to allow her to change places and avoid the Corporation's seeking out those who upset its spheres of influence?

Enter the spaces of dreams, desires and designs in a dystopian universe. What do we really want for ourselves - and for others?

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I'll See You in the Next One by Merlin Cullinan.