Faces Off.

Faces Off

The novel Faces Off unfolds as a compelling five act drama. Each of the first four acts probes the lives of a distinctive character in turn, exploring their mindset, their inner dreams and aspirations, and the fascinating face they put on for the world to see. We see at first hand what goes on behind the rigid mask that they each present, and, as the story unravels, how their attitudes and behaviour come to be shaped by a set of intriguing circumstances, both within and outside their control.

Along the way, we encounter disturbing vignettes of a contemporary world that celebrates fame and wealth, and shows only contempt for those struggling to keep their life together from day to day. The turbulent characters in the novel present some harsh insights into the realities of winning or losing in Western societies today.

The final act of Faces Off, in the best dramatic tradition, uses surprise as a tactic to throw light in the darkest of places, and to tear off the actors’ masks. It lays bare egos and selfishness, victimhood and survival, as it portrays the complexities of being human in a modern world. It sets a turbulent scene of conflicting ideas and values, virtues and sins, where there can only be one winner.

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Faces Off by Merlin Cullinan.