Our views and attitudes and responses are all based on our experiences.

His Views

"Our views and attitudes and responses are all based on our experiences. That's a combination of things that are unique to us and collective experiences. We are of our time, but no one said we had to be entirely in our time. So with the mind's brilliant disregard for the arrow of time, it's possible to visit many places, times and cultures whenever we please, awake or asleep. When we are out there, we can see things afresh, and understand that all our perspectives are also influenced by the lenses of our experience. We live in worlds, but we shape them too.

My work is about a number of perspectives, some of them timeless, some of them contemporary issues. The point is to explore influences, ideas, and the ways these are formed, shaped, and transported across minds and time, with their dramatic consequences.

Stories may be elusive, magical, or truly real and worryingly close-up. Whatever the starting point, I try to be an engaging storyteller, and on the journey, like a surprising and memorable piece of music, present ways of seeing and hearing things differently. The point is always to remind ourselves that there are other perspectives as equally valid as our own, in the eyes of the perceivers. Our job is to come to terms with those surprises or confirmations, and so understand and experience a world with greater dimensions than we often imagined."

Merlin Cullinan author.